Alexander Technique

The way we are conditioned to think is the way we are going to move in life.  Through an awareness of the body one can discover directly how your mind is thinking and what is in the way of moving naturally, moving with ease.  This work allows you to see what is in the way to being at your best in whatever you are doing.  It allows you to see what is interfering with you being at peace and being open to whatever is happening in your life and can become a catalyst to experiencing true honesty, clarity, and a surrendering to life situations that is at the heart of living your life unconditionally with love.

The affects of the work can be life changing.  After a lesson, people have described themselves as: being lighter; being easier in their bodies; feeling less anxiety; feeling happier; feeling empowered; and feeling less physical pain. 

Practitioners: Rob Falvo

Rates: 60mins/$80   Package: 5/60mins sessions for $375

Alexander Technique is available by appointment only. To schedule, please contact Rob Falvo directly at (828)268-128 or email: