Holistic Mental Health Therapy

We are mental health practitioners that have seen that living life to the fullest has also to do with taking care of the physical body.  We have backgrounds in clinical mental health as well as yoga and meditation practices.  We absolutely believe in the expertly healing potential of the human body. Our perspective is that sometimes there are blind spots, there are patterns of thinking and behavior we engage in that get in the way of feeling a little easier in the world.  We are here to explore how we are making decisions; are they coming from fear or from love?  Why do we feel so disconnected from each other and think that we need to earn a place in the world, that we're not good enough?  Sometimes these  thoughts and feelings take up so much time and space and keep us from being free.  We want to come to the visceral understanding that life is a beautiful gift, even with all of the painful experiences.  We offer up a partnership on the journey where we hold the space for you to come to be your most honest self, as you are ready.  We want to honor exactly who you are as well as help you see the parts that are asking for change.  

We have experience and interest in working with adolescents and adults, couples and group therapy as well as with people dealing with various forms of addictions.  

Call our office if you have any questions or you would like to book a session with one of our Licensed Professional Counselors.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Accepted