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Gentle Yoga -  A soothing and accessible class that focuses on easing the body into different positions in order to prepare it for final relaxation.  You will learn to move with ease and comfort and develop an understanding of the connection between mind and body.  This class is great for beginners and is also beneficial to increase mobility and range of motion in the body.

 (Private Sessions Available)

Tai Chi


Join Us to Relieve Stress, Increase Energy, Circulation, Strengthen Immune System, and Bring Calm & Focus.   Experience the self-healing power of Qi through the gentle practices of Tai Chi.

  (Private Sessions Available) 

Continuing Education and Workshops

Manual Medicine

This course teaches how to connect deeply with yourself, your client, and their tissue. Moving beyond just bones and joints, we explore various ways to touch your clients. Anatomy is important, so we experience an anatomical tour of the major joints and Connective Tissue (NeuroMyofascia) systems. The therapist is given a lens to see how  this Fascial network locally at the joint and globally through the body.

Manual Medicine  Manual Therapy that teaches you how to work within the neuro-myo-fascia (NMF) web system. These workshops are influenced by Ida Rolf's Structural Integration, Moshe Feldenkrais's Functional Integration, Tom Myer's Kinesis Myofascial Integration and Jean Barral's Visceral and Neuro Manipulation. Our goal is show you how to integrate movement while mobilizing Neuro-myo-fascia to carefully redistribute tension. Elements of Deep Tissue work, Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Thai Yoga massage are mixed in. Therapists learn how to make each session informative for the client and themselves alike while taking a medical approach to massage. 

Asking ourselves questions to better serve our sessions and pay attention to patterns that our clients may be engaging in.

Classes are refundable until 14 days before class date, and non-refundable after that.


Ethics: Principles of Communication

 Vicki Peltz, MA, teaches this ongoing ethics class covering communication, boundaries and the phenomena of transference & projection with self-care. In this Ethics class we explore aligning our actions with our hearts. 3 hours per class.


Mindfulness Based Stress - Reduction

Meditation is a practice by which a person achieves a greater sense of awareness, wisdom, introspection, and a deeper sense of relaxation.  Practiced for thousands of years, it is the discipline of concentrating on a single object, thought, sound, movement, or on attention itself.  Many people meditate to achieve a greater sense of spiritual awareness and understanding of their professed religion, but it can be practiced by anyone regardless of their religious beliefs and background. 

In this private class, we will explore the various techniques of meditation and mindfulness for stress reduction.  Becoming aware of your thoughts, surroundings, sounds, smells, bodily movements, and especially your breath are fundamental techniques of meditation.  The basic objective is to be present – Just be here and living in our moment.  

  (Private Sessions Available, Contact Us for Details)