Meet Our Team

Eli Peltz



Myotherapist: I love what I do. It wasn’t always this way. It took thousands of hours sitting still, moving on the mat, walking in the woods to process the wounding. I feel passionate about  my family, and my work. This long journey of soul searching has led me to find my role in the community as an ambassador of holistic healthcare. 

My massage career began at the beginning of the new millennium.  Studying Myofascial Release and Feldenkrais in addition to classical massage training led me to develop a method to treat tissues. After a session, my clients just feel the improvement; They breathe better, move better, feel less pain and their quality of life is greater.

In 2016 I began a new chapter with the Barral Institute, studying Visceral and Neural Manipulation. This helped me understand the behavior of all tissue. Muscles, Fascia, Nerves, Skull, Arteries, and Organs are the scope of this work. 

Almost two decades later, Alchemy is a way to bring a wide web of my life experiences together.

Vicki Peltz


Licensed Professional Counselor & Certified Yoga Instructor

As long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by human behavior and interaction.  I've been an observer.

As I grew into a young adult I became confused and curious about what our purpose as human beings is as well as saddened by the struggles as we try to figure it all out.

In my quest for understanding, I have studied and practiced Yoga, Vipassana Meditation, Alexander Technique, as well as a Masters in Clinical Counseling with an emphasis in expressive arts and bodied centered therapies.  I have been and continue to be my own subject and  I am privileged to be able to work with others on this path.

Tom Eddins


Acupuncturist:   The primary tools of Chinese medicine are qigong exercise prescription, tuina massage/bodywork, acupuncture, herbal therapy and diet, exercise and lifestyle suggestion.   It’s my mission to not only turn around your pain and suffering but to put the pen back in your hand, help you find the tools you need to listen to your own guidance and watch you begin to write the story of your health and happiness.  

That is self-aware healthcare!  

And that is my passion!  

If that sounds like the kind of awareness and assistance you would love in your life then I would LOVE to help you.  

Elizabeth O'Connor


Massage Therapist:  Early in my life I earned a BS in Marketing and worked in various jobs in the business world. After 30 years of traveling the globe as a military spouse, I completed my massage therapy training through Caldwell Community Continuing Education program. I have continued to expand my skills and techniques as a massage and bodywork therapist under the guidance of my mentors Sharon Parton and Eli Peltz. I am passionate about the profound healing of a therapeutic massage and the healing touch of another spirit to regain balance and vitality to our lives 

Kurt Love

Kurt Love LMBT

Massage Therapist:   For over forty years, I have dedicated my energies to developing an intuitive understanding of the human body and how massage can ease even chronic, long-term pain. I began my formal bodywork studies on the Monterey Peninsula in the shadow of the Esalen Institute many years ago, and the more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know yet.

Massage comes naturally to me: "You're massaging MY DOG!" my cousin once complained. (I can't help it. All living things need some love.)

The High Country attracts a surprising amount of talent and wisdom in many areas, including the healing arts. I'm grateful to be surrounded by a community of mentors in the field I love, and I am very happy to have been able to join the Alchemy team in 2018.

Rob Falvo


Alexander Technique:  I have been involved with the Alexander Technique since 1993.   In 2007, I graduated from CBAS and became a teaching member of Alexander Technique International.   Concurrently, in 2006, I began taking lessons with Linnie Osyler and it changed my life.

"The Alexander technique is a way of learning how you can get rid of harmful tension in your body."Although certainly not a full definition of the Alexander Technique, this is a good start.*

"The Alexander Technique is a way of learning to move mindfully through life. The Alexander process shines a light on inefficient habits of movement and patterns of accumulated tension, which interferes with our innate ability to move easily and according to how we are designed.   I look forward to sharing it with whoever is interested.

Ryan Phipps


Massage Therapist:  As a resident of Ashe County, I have lived in the North Carolina high country all my life. I became involved in martial arts at an early age and began teaching self-defense and Tai-Chi. From teaching children to adults, I came to understand that ergonomic movement is unique to the individual. This is where I developed a passion for the body, movement and the effects it has on the mind. In 2010 I received my massage license from the Center for Massage and Natural Health. I truly believe in the power of bodywork and its effect not only on our physical body but on our minds. I feel that in today's fast-paced society we are put under mental and physical stresses oftentimes without even being aware, massage is a great way to realign your body and your thoughts. 

Tamika Cole


Reiki/Energy Healing: Energy Healing Practitioner and Mindfulness Trainer. Often times sickness and chronic pain can be linked to stress which causes inflammation. This therapy will assist your body in reaching a state of deep relaxation allowing for the release of stress, physical, and emotional pain. I have a Bachelors Degree in Alternative Medicine and over 10 years experience assisting clients to create the change they have been seeking. My goal is to give you the tools you need to live life free and thrive.

Sara Drummond


Massage Therapist: I am a graduate of Caldwell Community College 600 hour Massage Therapy Program. My training includes Myofascial Release, Thai Massage, Foot Reflexology, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Hot and Cold Stone. My intention is to relax your body allowing for the release of muscle tension and to alleviate soreness. I will articulate your joints and use that movement to help soften the spaces where you might hold your tension. It is my hope that you leave feeling relief and a greater range of motion. I have completed 500+hours of Advanced Studies and is a 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. 

Lanie Anderson


Mental Health Counseling Intern:  I am currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Appalachian State University with a concentration in body-centered therapy and a certificate in expressive arts therapy. I will graduate in May 2020. My undergraduate degree was in creative writing and literature.

My journey to become a therapist was deeply sparked by my quest to understand the nature of my own suffering and those around me. I discovered along the way that my suffering, when honored by another, was lessened, even transformed. When we are suffering, we may look for all kinds of ways to fix the pain and discomfort of the unknown. My approach is to meet you wherever you are with your pain and to honor your process. I rely strongly on a person-centered and existential/spiritual approach that focuses on helping you understand your feelings, your values, gain a sense of meaning, and tap into your own unique and innate wholeness. I also work from a body-centered or somatic lens which means I recognize that our minds, bodies, spirits, and emotions are all interconnected. I can also incorporate expressive arts to help you explore and access deeper, non-verbal resources for healing.

“Live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps (we) will gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer…” ~ Rainer Maria Rilke