Discover new ways to Cope with Stress, Pain, and Overwhelming Emotion.  Who doesn't want to reduce the stress in their life? Stress relief is key to finding the balance of a healthy lifestyle  



 Mindfulness Practices allow us to retrain our brain to become more present allowing us to Relax and Simply Be.  Living in Our Moments instead of Rehashing the past and Stressing over the Future  

Energy Healing


 Reiki/Energy Healing works by allowing the body to reach a state of deep relaxation.  Relaxation promotes the bodies ability to heal itself resulting in the release of stress.  Stress is the primary cause of pain and illness  

Reiki/Energy Healing


Often times sickness and chronic pain can be linked to stress which causes inflammation. This therapy will assist your body in reaching a state of deep relaxation allowing for release of stress, physical, and emotional pain.   Check out this article on the effect of stress on the body. Stress Symptoms, Signs, and Causes. 

Discover how private mindfulness training and energy healing can help change your life. Each mindfulness training session is a customized guided meditation and energy healing experience designed specifically for you and your present needs. Throughout your mindfulness training session you will learn techniques for the release of old harmful thinking patterns and how to become more present.  

 Mindfulness training and energy healing sessions are for those seeking relief from stress, anxiety, depression, obsessive disorders, chronic illness, autoimmune disorders and more. These practices can also benefit those feeling stuck and searching for inner healing. Anyone who feels that they could benefit from a one-on-one experience with attention specific to your needs and questions.

Practitioner: Tamika Cole

Rates: 15mins add-on to another service/$20   60mins/$75    90mins/$105 



Brandi S.

I have had several sessions with Tamika. I felt very comfortable and relaxed during these sessions. (Which in this day and age is worth it's price in gold.) I have been treated for many different complications. I have been treated for anxiety, emotional wellbeing, multiple problems with pain (headaches, stomach aches, etc.), and spiritual awareness. Every Time I have walked away feeling better, feeling lighter, feeling stronger. The calm I feel after my experiences cannot be measured by any scale.

Alex B.

 A technique that is exceptionally effective and 100% result driven. After attending sessions with Tamika for over a month, I have rid myself of negative and toxic suppressed memories that has plagued my health for years. I came as a broken, chaotic, and anxious  young man. After my very first session, I was able to have the resolve and peace of a lifetime. I have grown and cultivated a unique 'glow' that is very noticeable in the public. My fiscal, health, and career challenges have taken a complete 180 degree turn. I now live my life in peace and not in broken pieces all because I decided to amplify my spiritual and health well-being with Tamika.

Sheri C.

 I have had several sessions now for physical and emotional pain and I am amazed at how well it works!!! The results were immediate and accurate. The service was incredible and personalized. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone.

Debbie M.

"Tamika is a great practitioner , she has helped me by overcoming deep depression and adrenal fatigue when I was dealing with a very difficult Time in my life . She has helped me by using alternative healing modalities while incorporating & educating me on a healthy nutrition plan so that I am the best I can be . Feeling whole in my mind ,Body & Spirit"

Carol A

My session with Tamika helped me to  release whatever was blocking my healing process.  I was willing to try anything.  I have had two sessions, which were the most relaxing experiences I can recall.  The chance which occurs is subtle and intense - definitely hard to describe.  In my case, I am now able to correctly interpret dreams which relate to my current state of health, and explore creative solutions.  Physically, I am using the process to help me choose a healthier diet.  At my last session I had an epiphany and now know what exactly I must do as my career.  I would encourage anyone who desires positive change to experience this.