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Madeline Semper, LMBT

NC License #01179

My name is Madelin Semper, and I make my home in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, in a small charming town named Boone. I value human connections, mindfulness, and the present moment.

Deeply moved by the suffering of people around me (physical and emotional) I’ve dedicated the last 30 years of my life to studying and practicing various forms in the healing arts in order to support others find harmony.

Because of my personal abdominal self-care practices, along with my research and training experience in the field, I’ve developed a specialized abdominal massage treatment and program for digestive health.

I look forward to supporting you in health!

You can also visit my website here!

Specialties Include...

Abdominal Massage Therapy

This therapy is a gentle massage and manipulation of the viscera (organs). It can increase circulation to internal organs, immune system response and relax abdominal tension.  It restores mental, emotional and physical well being!

Integrative Massage Therapy – Pain Relief

This integrative approach of muscle therapy will help decrease aches and pain and awaken the body’s wisdom to balance.

Restorative Therapeutic Massage

Relaxation is living in the awareness of the present moment.  This is a gentle therapy that helps promote a deep relaxation response to activate the body’s innate self-healing ability to restore balance and health.
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