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Offering Prenatal Massage at Alchemy!

By: Heven Anderson

Therapeutic massage has been around for centuries and has helped improve many people’s health but prenatal massage has always been a topic of controversy. For years, people have argued whether or not therapeutic massage is good for your health or the baby’s health. But research has concluded that it is beneficial to both you and the baby’s health as you journey to a new step in your life. These benefits have helped develop a massage called prenatal massage that practitioners use to assist the pregnancy journey.

According to the American Pregnancy website, “prenatal massage therapy can be an instrumental ingredient in women’s prenatal care and should be given careful consideration.” Massage therapy being performed during pregnancy can help reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health meaning that both the mother and the child will be safe and their health improved because of prenatal massage therapy.

Prenatal Massage also has other benefits such as hormone regulation and swelling reduction. With massage therapy, your muscles are relaxed to where the hormones associated with stress are reduced and depression hormones are diminished. The hormone regulation associated with prenatal massage helps with reducing labor and newborn complications. Swelling is also reduced as massage allows for blood circulation to increase to areas where swelling occurs the most such as legs and feet.


With massage being recognized as proven way to help with prenatal issues is a great accomplishment in the research field as many mothers suffer from stress, aches and pains associated with pregnancy. But now with prenatal massage it can help reduce those occurrences and make the pregnancy a better journey.

Here at Alchemy, we do prenatal massage therapy so all of these benefits are at your reach. Practitioners at Alchemy are trained to assist you during your pregnancy by the work of a prenatal massage. Prenatal massages are a branch of myotherapy, in which we practice almost everyday, so you will have an experienced practitioner. The people here at Alchemy would be willing to make house calls if you experience a severity of pregnancy side effects that affect your mobility. To ensure your health continues after a prenatal massage, we would offer postnatal services to combat postpartum depression and help you realign with your natural health because looking after your health is important too. We at Alchemy offer this service to make your pregnancy easier the natural way.         


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Year Anniversary!

Five years ago a vision was born to have a place where community, massage and education came together. How can we use this platform to incite change, make this wonderful service accessible, and serve as ambassadors to increase the use of massage as a viable tool for medicine? Thus the Myo Clinic was born. Massage for People was our motto.

As of last June we have since evolved into a place where community, education and medicine come together. Alchemy turns one in a couple of weeks, but Alchemy was built on The Myo Clinic. The Myo Clinic lives on as part of the adventure based on an organic way of engaging a community. We now include Counseling, Acupuncture, Alexander technique, and as well as Massage. Massage is now part of a greater umbrella called Manual Medicine, which includes Myofascial, digestive, organ and nerve work. We are filling the gaps in medicine where after critical care and annual checkups, people are left on their own to navigate the world of wellness and healthcare.

Our bedrock is our commitment to the community. It's as simple as this.

When our local friendly police and sheriff, firemen and EMT are done with their rounds, we want to help their bodies heal faster and reorganize their nervous system after the hard realities of their respective work. When they are roasted from all year long of showing up day after day, we want to let them know we are here. We can unite with them to help to unwind and refocus.

We expanded this idea to teachers and social workers. Which led us to foster moms, the unsung heros. I met one who had been with over 150 kids who needed a home for 24 hours to 2 years. Her role was stressful, and so important.  

When this thread kept going, we were called into care for elderly, mothers and children, and the impoverished and homeless.

The one statistic that describes how this team has literally been working for not just their professional growth but for their personal ones.We have donated 3000 hours to our community in less than five years. That total represents 3 full time years worth in hours, This means so much to us. 

Our team takes their respective crafts very seriously and are true professionals. Through education we have an opportunity to become unique in our skills. It is how we gain knowledge. Practicing what we learn increases our knowledge base. In a beautiful circle, when we return to educate ourselves , we can increase our knowledge exponentially. At Alchemy, we have created access to education, and every therapist has grown. This allows us to be true to our personal craft, to grow during every session and to stay aware for the subtle changes that truly make the difference between a good session and one that leaves us in an amazing state. This enriches us as human beings, which shows up everywhere, including our work.

Our goal is to run a sustainable business model that nurtures all that involve themselves in Alchemy. As professionals alike, we inspire a space for our therapists to have purpose, abundance and a transcendent career. For our clients, we seek the Quantum leap of self healing with our guidance. The science of our medicine helps to organize the logistics of our sessions to improve health. The art of our medicine has less form and  is conditional on the person involved at that precise moment. We are part of the journey of life. We are perfect exactly as we are. Consciousness through a mindfulness practice can be as effective for back pain as any therapy known to man.

Alchemy blends these two worlds together. We thank you for trusting us with your bodies and minds. By supporting us, you help us to support our village.