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Offering Prenatal Massage at Alchemy!

By: Heven Anderson

Therapeutic massage has been around for centuries and has helped improve many people’s health but prenatal massage has always been a topic of controversy. For years, people have argued whether or not therapeutic massage is good for your health or the baby’s health. But research has concluded that it is beneficial to both you and the baby’s health as you journey to a new step in your life. These benefits have helped develop a massage called prenatal massage that practitioners use to assist the pregnancy journey.

According to the American Pregnancy website, “prenatal massage therapy can be an instrumental ingredient in women’s prenatal care and should be given careful consideration.” Massage therapy being performed during pregnancy can help reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health meaning that both the mother and the child will be safe and their health improved because of prenatal massage therapy.

Prenatal Massage also has other benefits such as hormone regulation and swelling reduction. With massage therapy, your muscles are relaxed to where the hormones associated with stress are reduced and depression hormones are diminished. The hormone regulation associated with prenatal massage helps with reducing labor and newborn complications. Swelling is also reduced as massage allows for blood circulation to increase to areas where swelling occurs the most such as legs and feet.


With massage being recognized as proven way to help with prenatal issues is a great accomplishment in the research field as many mothers suffer from stress, aches and pains associated with pregnancy. But now with prenatal massage it can help reduce those occurrences and make the pregnancy a better journey.

Here at Alchemy, we do prenatal massage therapy so all of these benefits are at your reach. Practitioners at Alchemy are trained to assist you during your pregnancy by the work of a prenatal massage. Prenatal massages are a branch of myotherapy, in which we practice almost everyday, so you will have an experienced practitioner. The people here at Alchemy would be willing to make house calls if you experience a severity of pregnancy side effects that affect your mobility. To ensure your health continues after a prenatal massage, we would offer postnatal services to combat postpartum depression and help you realign with your natural health because looking after your health is important too. We at Alchemy offer this service to make your pregnancy easier the natural way.         


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Alchemical Origins: Creation and Transformation

About five years ago now, Officer William Mast Jr. was shot in the line of duty. Eli Peltz heard the news that same day from his neighbor, a social worker at the Watauga County Sheriff’s office. It was a dark moment for the Watauga community, the type of moment rarely felt in our mountain towns. As Watauga grieved the loss of one of its own, Eli felt a deeper connection with his community and was stirred to action.

“My heart just melted the next day when I saw an officer going about his normal duties. I realized that he may have a family that’s scared for him to go in to work that day. I realized how deeply this affected our community, yet there seemed to be a lack of connection between local communities.
Eli wanted to do something to bring people closer together and give back to the men and women who give themselves for the High Country. Eli didn’t think running for office was the right choice for him, so he set out to create a place that could make a positive impact in the community. This is how the Myo Clinic was born. The Myo Clinic was a center for encouraging health and wellness, especially through massage therapy. Over the past five years, the Myo Clinic has spent greater than 3,000 hours massaging the citizens of Watauga County, including sheriffs, police, state troopers and firemen. Eli feels that these people are what binds a community together and wants to continue with his original mission, to preserve the community through health and wellness.

“If we can relieve just a little suffering, whether it’s fixing an injured shoulder, aiding in proper digestion, or just helping someone to breathe a little easier, we can feel good about a day’s work. I hope this gets taken up everywhere, this project, so that everyone is looking out for everyone else.”

In the past year, Eli has made a number of changes in his practice, expanding it to include new services provided by highly skilled members of the Alchemy family. It’s for this reason that the name was changed. Alchemy, Center for Healing Therapies is where eastern and western medicine meet.