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Tom Eddins, L.Ac.
2:19 pm

3 Ways Acupuncture Affects Your Body - "What Do the Needles Do?"

Acupuncture is a gentle yet powerful tool for helping you recover from stress, pain and illness. In this video I answer the question, "What do the needles do?", and talk in plain terms about how acupuncture works. Acupuncture allows the practitioner, the Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.), to communicate with your body through the language of sensation, a language your body understands. To administer acupuncture successfully I must first insert the hair-thin needle as painlessly as possible, and then the therapeutic part begins. Then I will create a mild sensation that may be experienced as tingling, pulling, moving, a mild dull ache, heat, coolness or spreading. Your nervous system then picks up this stimulus and the different points being stimulated collectively creates a message to your body to do 3 main things: 1) Adjust sensation 2) Regulate circulation 3) Recalibrate feedback loops Adjusting sensation means positively affecting things like pain, nausea, dizziness, fullness, anxiety, etc. Regulating circulation means improving blood flow through a restricted area or bringing blood flow to an area lacking it, such as an old injury or cold hands and feet. Recalibrating feedback loops refers to helping your body to recover from out of balance cycles, such as hormonal cycles, sleep cycles and digestive cycles. In these ways acupuncture allows me to "speak" to the body in it's own language, in a way which sends a clear message to promote a healing response. The body is designed to survive but with a little stimulation in the right way, we can remind it that it also has the intelligence to heal itself. I would love to hear of your experience with acupuncture! Let me know about it in the comments below.

Tom Eddins, L.Ac.
10:16 pm

2017 Lunar Year - Here Comes the Rooster: How the Chinese New Year Symbol Can Help You

Yin Fire Rooster!

There's three symbols to give us some focus, some intentions to set our heart toward for the year ahead. That's the idea anyway, of naming the year by animals instead of just an endless number count. The moon moves in circles and guides cycles around and within us. Cycles are the basis of life and of time... seasonal cycles, lunar cycles, weekly cycles, day and night, hours, minutes, seconds... all cycles! So it makes sense to track time with a circle of symbols that brings us around in a 360 degree perspective.

But let's take a closer look at these three symbols that are relevant to us right now.

This means that we should focus our intentions more inwardly this year, look at what we can sense about ourself that we'd feel good about changing. In a yin year we should set aside time regularly to be introspective, to observe the way we feel so that we can respond in a nurturing way, set up some time and activities for self-care... like regular acupuncture, massage, counseling, yoga, tai chi or alexander work! :-)

Always moving, never in the same spot the same way twice, fire has the characteristic of impulsive activity fueled by emotion. As a symbol of guidance it means we should allow ourselves to move on, to break into new territory as we look within. It tells us not to fear the habits or compulsive thoughts we find in our introspection but to go ahead and try new ones on for size. Instead of sitting quietly and judging ourselves, we should look to grasp quickly the essence of what we discover and toss it into the fire of our deeper hopes and dreams, letting what we are truly passionate about come to light in our life. Be affirmative, optimistic and relentlessly encouraging with yourself this year!

Focused and motivated, Rooster has the auspicious gifts of forward thinking and self-confidence. Keep your chin up, be bold, spread hope to others! We all have a rooster inside, the part of us that knows what it knows and won't be shamed into fearful retreat. There's a part inside of you that, despite doubts and uncertainties, knows how to keep your eyes on the prize, to focus on the optimal and steadily strut toward your goal, knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that you ARE worthy.

Together the symbols guide us to stoke the fire of our inner passion, to remember who we are and why we're here. They tell us to contain our fire, to bank it in and let it warm our bones. Feel it's heat, the heat of your individual greater purpose and fill yourself up with certainty. Set aside a little time every day, every week or every month to look inside and connect passionately with that reason, let it inflate you with the confidence and focus to walk your talk.  You are put here in this place and time, in this cycle, for a darn good reason and now is the time to focus on that which is inside the fire of your motivations.

"Yeah, here come the Rooster, yeah... You know he ain't gonna die"    - Alice in Chains